Hero’s, Then and Now

Do you have a hero?

Jesus, David, Moses, and all the great people of the bible have been heroes ever since the written word. This is not meant to degrade them in any way. But we watched Winston Churchill save the world from Hitler’s onslaught. George Washington was instrumental in creating the greatest government of all time, and stepped aside to see it flourish and grow. People like Larry Arnn and Dennis Prager, deserve a close look at whether we should elevate their standings to heroes. They are doing great things for democracy. We have, however, two people that overshadow everyone else by leaps and bounds. They are worth you decision to make them your hero.

Elon Musk, the man many stupid people love to hate. If you look at his life, his lifestyle and his accomplishments, if you study his reasons and motives and if you listen to what he says; like me you will consider him your hero. There is no one close to his work, solving and helping many of man’s problems. No one close! From trying to make humans a two planet civilization, to neural link helping millions of people live fuller lives, and buying Twitter to better promote free speech, no one else comes close. Amen.

Donald Trump, while Elon has put his fortune on the line for all humanity, President Trump, has not only pledged his life, fortune and his sacred honor, but is continuing to risk his life and fortune, everyday, for us, the citizens of the United States of America. If you cannot see that he already had fame and fortune, his sacred honor alone, to fix this republic, makes him my hero. He is my Champion, he is our Champion and he should be your Champion, if you want to save this country.

Can you Read?

You may say “yes” but I doubt that you can.

A 7 year old can read better than a 12 year old! How can that be? The answer is simple. Our children are losing their ability to concentrate for long periods of time. The quickening pace of Internet guided life throws off so much information that our children cannot process it all. Information must be dropped in order to keep up with the fast pace. They read the title and a line or two of the article and move on, thinking that they have digested enough of it to form a knowledgeable opinion. Subject after subject, perusing just the beginnings until they find something that really interests them. Give them credit, that’s when they study. Your child may now know the most intricate movements and keystrokes needed to beat the new video game!

So, the answer to the title question is yes, they can read, they choose not to. The seven year old will read the entirety of what is put in front of them, at the end, they will look for more pages to turn. Their focus slowly turns off and they begin to look for something else to read or do. By the time they are teenagers, they can turn off focus in mid word. Not only mid paragraph, or mid sentence, but yes, mid word.

What could be so wrong with our children getting just a little information about a multitude of subjects, compared to getting a lot of information about a few subjects. The answer is criminal. Don’t worry, few if any of them is still reading this article. The criminal offence being used by the propaganda induced media is to hide the truth, down here in the article where no one reads anymore. If you just read that, then you can read. If you didn’t read that well, you can’t really read now can you?

AI Photographs. Are they art?

Who does it belong to?

AI is now capable of producing some outstanding artwork. Some critics would cringe at me calling it art, but art or not, it can be unique and worthy of more than a glance.

A computer generated picture, using only “Tall Ship” as the typed in prompt.

Looking at this ship, your mind might sway to pirates, or maybe you’ll imagine the ship battles on the great lakes? No matter what this ship brings to mind, it’s what art does and should do. Stare hard enough and realize that the ropes are all wrong. The sails are wrong too, but this is not a design submission for a ship maker. This does not even have to be able to float! All it has to do is inspire, and if it does that, then it is art.

Someone might say, “It was too easy to create!” “All you did was type two words!” “You didn’t create anything, the computer did it all!” “How can you compare a picture that you made with no special expertise, to a painting I created by sitting outside, looking at a real tall ship, and by using my years of experience, my years of training to create a great piece of art.”

To that I say, “Can you plug a keyboard into your canvas?” I have to acquire a computer. It has to be capable of performing the task. I have to program it. I must acquire the programs, I have to decide the idea and type the words. I can then produce many new unique pictures of my subject. I will then cull until only the very best remain. Finally, I will pick one to show you here. I will have created it and produced it on a computer just as I am producing these words and creating this post. These words and this post are mine. You cannot copy them and imply that they are your words. Why should you be allowed to take my picture? I created it! Your complaint about it being to easy for me to create, falls on deaf ears when you can legally copy paste my picture and imply that that my picture of a tall ship is yours.

Artificial Intelligence, The unspoken problem.

The end of the future?

We are rapidly reaching the point of not being able to turn back and stop the advancement of AI. That in itself could be either very good or very bad. It is not going to be neutral. The unspoken problem arises is if it is very good. If it is very bad, well, it’s all over. Mankind will be finished. Nothing to worry about as there will be nothing we can do to stop it.

If instead, it is very good for mankind, the problem soon arises of man screwing it up. Perhaps it already is screwed up beyond repair? If this starting place is already polluted with the lefts ideology, instead of an unbiased information set. It could cause the destruction of the greatest achievement man has created, and turned it into a destructive political tool. Would the progressives do that? Even if they know the dangers? The answer is a big fat yes.

An AI Self Portrait

AI, please paint your self portrait.

This is an actual self portrait created by AI with the prompt, “AI, please paint your self portrait.” The future of AI could be very, very good. Don’t screw it up!

Where did the good old days go?

and did they have to go?

Ahh yes, the good old days, they were the days alright. Things were so much simpler then. Everything just keeps getting more and more complicated. Of course, everyone has always said this, and it’s just as true now as it was when my Dad first said it to me. I suppose it will keep going on and on from each generation to the next. But the whole thing about it leads to one big question. Does it really have to get worse?

By the way, things really have gotten worse. From an important doctors visit to a simple visit to a store, it has all went downhill. People really don’t care as much any more. It seems not to matter anymore if a stores policy irritates customers. Who cares if a customer leaves unhappy? Do they really have enough customers that they can say that there is nothing they can do, and that it is just store policy? Does it all just even out as the other stores are acting in the same fashion? Are people really migrating from store to store hoping to find better treatment?

The doctor visit is even worse. A doctors visits your home because you are so sick? A doctor calls in a prescription for you because you both know that you got the same thing again? These common results are more and more scarce. Doctor office’s run cattle calls now. It’s the office that controls both the doctors and your actions. They control the cash flow. They bill insurances and then try to get as much out of you as they can. Your business is with the office, not the doctor anymore and the office says they cannot do anything to help you because it is their policy. So you migrate from doctor to doctor trying to find compassion and understanding.

It’s all the same. It boils down to money or power or both. So in answer to my original question, “do the good old days have to go away”, the answer is yes. As long as money and power are the driving force in these institutions, It will only get worse.

We are all to smart to know if we are smart or stupid.

“The Dunning Kruger Effect or Why Stupid People Think They Are Smart”

Mount Stupid =  ‘the place where you have enough knowledge of a subject to be vocal about it, without the wisdom to gather the full facts or read around the topic‘.

With the amount of information that bombards us each day from our surroundings, our lifestyle, our friends and the internet, we can all easily think that we are smart. It is the small amount of knowledge on a subject that people really do know that causes the trouble, and that’s when this small amount of information causes the bearer to believe that they know a vast amount on the subject. The problem is simple. That is the only conclusion these people can posses. In order to realize their stupidity, they would need the information that they lack!

The answer is in a persons ability, no matter how smart a person thinks they are, that they be willing to keep an open mind and be willing to listen and learn.

We can all deduce that EVERYTIME a person takes an opinion, and expresses it as if it was the final answer or solution, and they won’t entertain any possible information or facts, determines that THEY are the stupid one.