Hero’s, Then and Now

Do you have a hero?

Jesus, David, Moses, and all the great people of the bible have been heroes ever since the written word. This is not meant to degrade them in any way. But we watched Winston Churchill save the world from Hitler’s onslaught. George Washington was instrumental in creating the greatest government of all time, and stepped aside to see it flourish and grow. People like Larry Arnn and Dennis Prager, deserve a close look at whether we should elevate their standings to heroes. They are doing great things for democracy. We have, however, two people that overshadow everyone else by leaps and bounds. They are worth you decision to make them your hero.

Elon Musk, the man many stupid people love to hate. If you look at his life, his lifestyle and his accomplishments, if you study his reasons and motives and if you listen to what he says; like me you will consider him your hero. There is no one close to his work, solving and helping many of man’s problems. No one close! From trying to make humans a two planet civilization, to neural link helping millions of people live fuller lives, and buying Twitter to better promote free speech, no one else comes close. Amen.

Donald Trump, while Elon has put his fortune on the line for all humanity, President Trump, has not only pledged his life, fortune and his sacred honor, but is continuing to risk his life and fortune, everyday, for us, the citizens of the United States of America. If you cannot see that he already had fame and fortune, his sacred honor alone, to fix this republic, makes him my hero. He is my Champion, he is our Champion and he should be your Champion, if you want to save this country.

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