How can we kill the news?

The news media is not going to police itself, it must be squashed.

The media, or better said, the corporate structures behind the media, have business with Congress. The light that their news departments shine on members of congress amounts to millions maybe billions of dollars. None of the big media groups can relay a fair story of the news to the American public, unless it also helps the corporation and money in the background. It’s like fixing a fight or a horserace. They are not going to fix the race and then lose money. They are going to make money. The more the better! The more positive that the fix is in, the more they make.

Our newscasters and anchors are in the business of fixing fights and horseraces. The difference is the fights are on the senate floor, and the horse races are called elections. The fights are about funding. The news not only helps get their candidates elected, but it also sways the public opinion of the job that they are doing. Politicians need the approval of the media, as the opposite usually means a death sentence for your career. The mainstream news media must be able to shut down any news that goes against their agenda, and promote news that supports them. If true news hurts them, it must be censured, if the truth goes against the agenda, then a lie must be propagated for the good of all. We have seen this over and over, but it still works, so we’ll see it again and again.

Wake up! Will Tucker Carlson turn the Tide. Can a handful of real journalists, stab the mainstream media to death? Will people revolt against the lies of the media and vote for Trump? All that and more to be seen. But know this, The powers in control believe that you won’t. They are pretty sure that they control you just like usual.