AI Photographs. Are they art?

Who does it belong to?

AI is now capable of producing some outstanding artwork. Some critics would cringe at me calling it art, but art or not, it can be unique and worthy of more than a glance.

A computer generated picture, using only “Tall Ship” as the typed in prompt.

Looking at this ship, your mind might sway to pirates, or maybe you’ll imagine the ship battles on the great lakes? No matter what this ship brings to mind, it’s what art does and should do. Stare hard enough and realize that the ropes are all wrong. The sails are wrong too, but this is not a design submission for a ship maker. This does not even have to be able to float! All it has to do is inspire, and if it does that, then it is art.

Someone might say, “It was too easy to create!” “All you did was type two words!” “You didn’t create anything, the computer did it all!” “How can you compare a picture that you made with no special expertise, to a painting I created by sitting outside, looking at a real tall ship, and by using my years of experience, my years of training to create a great piece of art.”

To that I say, “Can you plug a keyboard into your canvas?” I have to acquire a computer. It has to be capable of performing the task. I have to program it. I must acquire the programs, I have to decide the idea and type the words. I can then produce many new unique pictures of my subject. I will then cull until only the very best remain. Finally, I will pick one to show you here. I will have created it and produced it on a computer just as I am producing these words and creating this post. These words and this post are mine. You cannot copy them and imply that they are your words. Why should you be allowed to take my picture? I created it! Your complaint about it being to easy for me to create, falls on deaf ears when you can legally copy paste my picture and imply that that my picture of a tall ship is yours.

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