Artificial Intelligence, The unspoken problem.

The end of the future?

We are rapidly reaching the point of not being able to turn back and stop the advancement of AI. That in itself could be either very good or very bad. It is not going to be neutral. The unspoken problem arises is if it is very good. If it is very bad, well, it’s all over. Mankind will be finished. Nothing to worry about as there will be nothing we can do to stop it.

If instead, it is very good for mankind, the problem soon arises of man screwing it up. Perhaps it already is screwed up beyond repair? If this starting place is already polluted with the lefts ideology, instead of an unbiased information set. It could cause the destruction of the greatest achievement man has created, and turned it into a destructive political tool. Would the progressives do that? Even if they know the dangers? The answer is a big fat yes.

An AI Self Portrait

AI, please paint your self portrait.

This is an actual self portrait created by AI with the prompt, “AI, please paint your self portrait.” The future of AI could be very, very good. Don’t screw it up!

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