We are all to smart to know if we are smart or stupid.

“The Dunning Kruger Effect or Why Stupid People Think They Are Smart”

Mount Stupid =  ‘the place where you have enough knowledge of a subject to be vocal about it, without the wisdom to gather the full facts or read around the topic‘.

With the amount of information that bombards us each day from our surroundings, our lifestyle, our friends and the internet, we can all easily think that we are smart. It is the small amount of knowledge on a subject that people really do know that causes the trouble, and that’s when this small amount of information causes the bearer to believe that they know a vast amount on the subject. The problem is simple. That is the only conclusion these people can posses. In order to realize their stupidity, they would need the information that they lack!

The answer is in a persons ability, no matter how smart a person thinks they are, that they be willing to keep an open mind and be willing to listen and learn.

We can all deduce that EVERYTIME a person takes an opinion, and expresses it as if it was the final answer or solution, and they won’t entertain any possible information or facts, determines that THEY are the stupid one.

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